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Eyelash Extensions Tulsa!

Welcome to the salon that will give you the most beautiful eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer. You will bat your eyes in style after you come see us. We will accentuate your eyes with care.

Are you having a hard time finding Tulsa eyelash extensions that last? Is it hard for you to find a salon where you feel comfortable and give you what you ask for?

We will give you an experience that you have been looking for. With our calming atmosphere and our professional staff, you will be happy that you found our salon.

We provide services for all of your eyelash needs:

  1. Eyelash Extension Full Set
  2. Eyelash Extension Fill
  3. Eyelash Extension Removal
  4. Eyelash Tinting
  5. Eyelash Lifting

Our salon is ready to give you the eye candy that you need to feel your best.

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About Eyelash Extensions Tulsa OK

Our salon is committed to helping women in our area have the best false eyelashes Tulsa has ever seen. We place your false lashes one at a time to protect your natural lashes. We properly isolate and separate your eyelashes to give you lasting results that keep your eyelashes healthy.

Our lash technicians are licensed and always willing to learn. You will be in safe hands when you visit our salon for your appointment.

It is our goal to keep our salon as clean as we can. We are always sanitizing and disinfecting our work areas. Each lash technician takes time after each appointment to properly clean all of the tools and equipment that had been used on the client before you.

We value your satisfaction with our lash services. Our staff works hard to understand the look you are going for and replicate it onto your eyes. We take into account your eye shape, natural lash thickness and length, and lifestyle to place the best lash extensions Tulsa OK has seen.

Our mission is to provide a one of a kind place for you to come get lash services done. We have created an atmosphere that will give you a getaway from your hectic life.

We provide the most valuable eyelash extensions Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding areas can give to you and we continue to create confidence with each lash application.

Why Choose Us?

Women choose our salon over others because of our skills and execution. We give you a lash look that is made just for you. You will have a unique look that will accentuate everything you love about your eyes and face.

Our lash stylists are passionate about mapping out a lash look that will help you feel beautiful and confident at all times. You will be able to wake up and go while looking effortlessly great.

It is important to us that:

  1. You are able to relax in our salon. We play calming music throughout your appointment to get you ready to relax. You will have the perfect getaway from your busy life.
  2. Your eyelashes are exactly what you’re looking for. We want to give you the greatest eyelash extensions Tulsa has been able to provide for you. Our lash stylists take the time to listen to you and give you the lash look that you are desiring.
  3. We keep a clean salon. We follow state guidelines and ensure that our salon is fully sanitized and free from bacteria. Our stylists disinfect after each client to give you a fresh space to come get eyelashes.
  4. You feel welcomed every time you see us. You will be greeted and appreciated when you step through our door.

Our salon has been applying the best looking lash extensions Tulsa has to offer for many years. Call our salon today to book an appointment to feel better about your eyelashes.

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What To Expect?

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You can expect to have the lashes Tulsa has to offer and you will be pleased with the outcome. We work hard by learning new techniques and executing them with precision. Our team enjoys lifting you and your eyes up to give you an elegant look.

Our clients choose us because we provide a quality of service that can’t be matched by surrounding salons. You receive elite eyelashes when you come to see us.

How to prepare for your eyelash appointment:

  1. Call to make an appointment. Our hours are flexible to benefit your schedule.
  2. Avoid drinking anything that stimulates you before your appointment. You will want to be able to relax so we can be as precise as possible while you lay still.
  3. Use the restroom before laying down for your appointment. We schedule time that we want to use on putting as many lashes as possible on your eyes. You don’t want it interrupted by a bathroom break.
  4. Come with an idea of what you’d like in your eyelash look.

What to expect from your appointment:

  1. You will have a consultation with a lash artist. This consultation will help the lash technician decide how your lashes should be placed to achieve the look you are going for.
  2. Your lash artists will prep your eyes and apply your eyelash extensions while you relax and possibly take a nap. You will feel comfortable and calm throughout the process.
  3. Your lash artist will recommend a fill appointment day to ensure that your lashes stay full.

Eyelash Services

Our lash menu will be able to cater to you and your specific lash goals. We are able to provide services that can help anyone feel beautiful and confident. Our salon is committed to lifting your spirits by giving you a calming atmosphere and great results. Our products are top of the line and professional grade.

Eyelash Extension Full Set

An eyelash extension full set is the first initial set of lashes. It is the longest service we offer because it takes time to fill in your lash line with perfection. We take the time to apply eyelash extensions on each individual natural lash to fill your eyelash line. An eyelash full set is also done if most of your extensions have fallen off and we need to fill in a lot of lashes.

Eyelash Extension Fill

An eyelash extension fill is done every 2-4 weeks to fill in the lash extensions that have fallen off. This service is necessary to keep a full and fluffy look on your eyes. A fill appointment takes longer if you have waited longer to come in to get your eyelashes filled.

Eyelash Extensions Removal

Eyelash extensions are a great luxury that keep your confidence high. We also realize that they don’t always work for everyone who has them. Whether you have an allergic reaction or you just don’t like the maintenance, we are able to remove your lashes with ease. You will be in and out quickly.

Eyelash Tinting

Our salon provides the most pigmented eyelash tinting Tulsa has to offer and we proudly darken your eyelashes with care. Our lash tinting products are professional grade and will deepen the color of your natural lashes to make them more noticeable without mascara. You can have the look of mascara without the smudging and clumping.

Eyelash Lifting

We offer the curliest lash lifting Tulsa can provide to you and you will leave with longer and curlier natural lashes. Our lifting products are top of the line and completely safe to use around your eyes. We are all specially trained to lift and curl your lashes without causing any damage.

About Tulsa

Tulsa has a population of barely 400,000 people. It is the second largest city in Oklahoma that is slowly growing. Each year it grows by approximately 10,000 people.

The city has been known for its contributions of energy in the economy. Tulsa’s economy now benefits from technology companies, finance, aviation, and telecommunications.

There are a lot of activities for tourists and residents to enjoy in the city. Families can enjoy the Arkansas River that flows through the city.

Cities nearby Tulsa include:

  1. Broken Arrow, OK
  2. Owasso, OK
  3. Sand Springs, OK
  4. Prattville, OK
  5. Glenpool, OK
  6. Collinsville, OK
  7. Fair Oaks, OK
  8. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

This salon has amazing eyelash extensions at a great price! I can fit eyelash extensions into my monthly budget and I get to treat myself every month. My eyelashes look way better now that I come to this salon.

Becca I.

I feel like family when I walk into the salon. The customer service is top notch. Everyone is so professional yet approachable. I feel like a celebrity whenever I get my eyelashes done here.

Hannah P.

The services that are provided here are perfect! Everything that I have had done in the salon has looked so good compared to other salons. I am pleased with my eyelashes every time.

Amanda Y.

Frequently asked questiona

Can I get eyelash extensions near me that don’t cause any pain?

Our lash technicians have all been trained properly. This means they apply eyelash extensions that will feel comfortable and weightless.

Do you apply the fullest lash extensions near me?

We take our time to fill in your lash line to give you eyelash extensions that are as full as you would like them to be.

Is your salon the top option for fake lashes near me?

Our salon has a high retention rate with our clients. We are the elite salon in our area for eyelash extensions.

How much do lash extensions cost in the Tulsa area?

Contact us today to get full detail on all of our service pricing.

Can I get the best fake eyelashes Tulsa has to offer in your salon?

We know we can give you the best Tulsa eyelash extensions every time you come to our salon.

Should I curl my eyelash extensions?

We advise you to avoid curling your eyelash extensions. They are pre-curled and will stay curled even when they get wet. Eyelash curling will result in bending them and ruining their look.

Does it hurt to get a lash extension removal?

You will not feel pain when we remove your eyelash extensions. The process is quick and efficient.

Do eyelash extensions give you longer eyelashes?

We can add length to your natural lashes to give them a longer look.

Do eyelash extensions fall out?

Your eyelashes naturally shed every month and that means your extensions fall off with them. That is why eyelash extensions are semi-permanent.

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